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Related Services

Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Therapy helps students develop communication skills, including understanding language and expressing their thoughts and ideas. Goals may address:

  • Auditory processing (understanding and using the sounds of language)
  • Phonological skills (organizing speech sounds)
  • Comprehension (understanding language)
  • Articulation (forming clear sounds in speech)
  • Feeding and Swallowing
  • Social language skills (communication with peers)
  • Multiple modes of communication (using assistive technology)
Occupational Therapy 
School occupational therapy helps students maintain, improve, or restore their ability to participate in all education-related activities. Some goals of occupational therapy include:
  • Improving muscle and joint function
  • Enhancing motor skills like writing, speaking, and hand-eye coordination
  • Developing sensory and perception skills
  • Boosting cognitive and social-emotional abilities
  • Activities focus on helping students become more independent in their daily tasks and participation at school, such as in the classroom, bathroom, cafeteria, and playground.
  • Occupational therapists may also use assistive technology to support students.
Physical Therapy
Physical therapy focuses on improving gross motor skills and independence in different situations. Physical therapists help students by:
  • Helping them participate in various school activities by addressing issues with muscles, nerves, or breathing.
  • Using different methods such as supporting students with body structure problems, suggesting changes to tasks, recommending tools to help, and adjusting the surroundings.
  • Supporting students with using assistive technology devices.

Counseling in school aims to help students stay safe, comfortable, focused, and effective in their academic surroundings. Counselors assist students by:

  • Encouraging positive behaviors
  • Helping with behavior assessments and intervention plans
  • Offering mindfulness exercises