SLTs must use consensus-based decision making. In this type of group decision making,
all participants contribute to and help shape the final decision. By listening closely to one another, members aim to come up with solutions and proposals that work for the group.


This approach is empowering because each member has the opportunity to influence team decisions. When all members are able to voice their opinions and concerns, they are more likely to stay invested in and connected to the work of the team. This sets the stage for greater cooperation and mutual respect.

See below for more information about these teams work to benefit the school.

Frequently Asked  Question about School Leadership Teams

Chancellor's Regulations - A655

Recently, the Department of Education stated that all School Leadership Team Meetings would be open to the public. 

All families and neighboring organizations may attend.

P94M also has student members as SLT members for our middle school/high school site P94M @ P.S. 188.