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Create FREE accounts for any one of these sites to find FUN academic support for your child at home or on the go!

FOR EMERGING READERS – a game and activities for struggling readers –  Supports early literacy skills through motivating music and games -  A teacher created website that supports all academic areas and support what’s learned in classroom – Teacher and parent made adaptive books that are age appropriate but are adapted for reading levels. Parents can also make their own books

FOR DEVELOPING AND BEGINNER READERS – Personalized reading program based on interests and reading level – Create a library of books and articles to improvement your child’s reading comprehension – Students can access the current event articles on different reading levels allowing them to read and research at their own pace – Ignite your child’s curiosity, students can explore different resources that interest them – A range of activities, games and tools to support literacy development parent/afterschool section, podcasts from K-12

TECHNOLOGY – Learn basic computer science through games

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